Gain Control, Transparency and Flexibility Over Supplier Payments

Our electronic payments solution is designed to maximize your supplier payments by replacing paper checks with electronic transactions, with an emphasis on virtual cards. The cards are delivered to your suppliers via email and can be processed just like a credit card transaction. They cost less than ACH or checks, provide remittance detail, offer protection from fraud and generate monthly rebates. Virtual cards avoid the expenses associated with paper checks, including the costs of paper, ink, printing, postage and bank fees. Cards also offer an opportunity to generate a cash rebate and can be processed for a fraction of the cost of a check.

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The Process:

  1. Payments are approved, and payment instructions are sent
  2. Payment instructions are processed
  3. Confirmation is returned
  4. Virtual cards are created and delivered Rebates are paid to you

Comprehensive and customized supplier enrollment process allows you to ensure higher supplier conversion to electronic payment methods

Virtual cards offer an opportunity to earn rebates on a portion of your AP spend, allowing you to generate more revenue.

Reduced costs associated with paper checks