Hard Copy Management

Secure storage. Accessibility. Long-term solutions.

Data Dimensions provides a full range of records storage management and retrieval services. Our services provide for a cost-effective hard copy storage solution and in addition to freeing up space and staff, you can reduce your storage costs significantly. Our Records Management Center, located in Janesville Wisconsin, contains 850,000 cubic feet of secured records storage space to manage and secure your vital information assets.

Do you find yourself wondering, "What is hard copy management?" Check out our brochure to learn how it can benefit your company.

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Featured Services

  1. Tracking: indexing and retrieval of your hard copy records and/or images, at the box, file, or document level
  2. Destruction: you have the ability to decide if and when documents should be shredded, with options including secure pulp-mastication and certification of shredded materials
  3. Safety of records within a building constructed of concrete and steel, equipped with a sprinkler system. The walls have a seven hour burn through rating, and the facility is also equipped with smoke and heat sensors, as well as motion detectors.

Safe, secure shredding ensuring confidential materials remain private and that your shredded records are destroyed, verifiable with certification

Cost-effective, highly-flexible solution, allowing you to enjoy up to 50% savings of current costs

Elimination of the overwhelming amounts of paper documents, giving you room to expand