AP Workflow Processing

No touch invoice processing

From purchasing through payment, Dimensions360® automates the entire transaction lifecycle. Using an automated workflow and central dashboard, we automate the processing of PO and non-PO invoices, transferring directly into the ERP of your choice. Our workflow is complemented with a complete, end-to-end digital mailroom and invoice capture service.

95% Accuracy Rate for Paper

100% Accuracy for Electronic Formats

Eliminate the manual steps involved with invoice processing

With the automation of an accounts payable workflow, your Accounts Payable Department can redirect their focus to more business-critical tasks, while still having control and visibility of the entire payables process.

Automates the processing of PO and Non-PO invoices

Invoices are automatically routed to the designated approver and routed to your ERP for payment for truly touchless invoice processing.

2 & 3 way PO matching

Cascading matching system can handle matching against purchase orders at the header or line level; exceptions are flagged for reconciliation.

Recurring Invoices/Contracts

Repeated invoices are matched to account numbers or contracts, posted to the proper accounts and approved for payment. The streamlined workflow allows for approval, denial, partial pay or pend.

ERP Integration

Dimensions360 integrates with your existing ERP system for seamless automation of your invoice processing workflow.

Drive immediate and ongoing bottom-line results

Data Dimensions AP Workflow moves your AP department closer toward electronic invoicing while greatly increasing your visibility and information control.

AP workflow benefits
  • Provides line-item detail, without internal manual data entry
  • Enhances regulatory compliance
  • Provides procurement and treasury with better access to data
  • Greatly improves visibility via dynamic reporting and user-friendly dashboards
  • Significantly accelerates invoice turnaround to eliminate late fees and capture payment discounts
  • Reduces costs up to 60%
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