P&C's leading EDI clearinghouse

P&C's leading EDI clearinghouse

Data Dimensions offers a flexible solution for claims clearinghouse that allows parties to connect electronically without high costs or dedicated subject matter expertise. Delivering consultative and integrated workflow capabilities, we seamlessly meld mailroom intake, eBilling, and electronic payments in a way that ensures transparency and efficiency.

Connected to over 95%

of U.S. Providers


eBills processed annually




Total P&C electronic route connections

Fully integrated solution

Streamline transaction processing (with supporting attachments) by leveraging thousands of electronic connections throughout the P&C market, reducing USPS mailings while increasing billing accuracy and staff productivity. We bridge connectivity gaps and allow submitters, vendors and receivers to communicate electronically to process the claim.


As an EDI clearinghouse we are a single source, all-payor partner for Ebilling Services in the P&C market, flexibly routing bills and attachments through pre-adjudication edits that produce faster processing timelines and payments.


As the interconnecting network for P&C providers, vendors and payors, we deliver clean billing and supporting medical documentation adhering to state and regulatory compliance, reducing administrative costs and allowing for increased auto-adjudication.


We serve as a gateway into the P&C market for an array of vendor types through flexible connectivity and support functionalities that match current technology capabilities and offer a pathway toward future-state goals.


Variety of options for payers and payees to issue and accept payments and remittance exchanges while reducing administrative costs using an enhanced cascading payment modality process.

Document Intake Management

Our digital mailroom solution automates document-driven claims processing functions, enabling enterprises to focus on their core business competencies.


AccidentEDI™ is an auto-casualty focused clearinghouse platform with tailored solutions and services for auto casualty submitters, receivers, vendors and specialty networks.
Many national and regional auto insurance carriers and bill review vendors focused on the auto casualty industry have selected AccidentEDI™ as their EDI gateway of choice.

Simplified Connectivity®

Stakeholders across the claims continuum will improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and effectively manage the claim, thus allowing the focus to shift back to patient care and return to work.

Clearinghouse Benefits
  • Expertise in electronic submission, receipt, and processing for electronic transactions
  • Broad connectivity through established provider, payor, and vendor networks
  • Online portals, system integrations and custom EDI solution built to your specific business needs
  • Configurable solution enables enhanced integration into existing business workflows
  • Custom Software Application Development (SaaS) with consultative subject matter expertise
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