Data Dimensions

Automate Your Transaction with AP Workflow

As the billing process grows more complicated and the need for an accurate, timely response grows along with it, many companies find themselves struggling with the increasing complexities of the transaction lifecycle. AP Workflow can focus on business-critical tasks, while still having control and visibility of the entire payables process.

If this is a problem at your organization, relax. There is an answer: Data Dimensions’ workflow for accounts payable, Dimensions 360, can solve your problems by automating the entire transaction lifecycle.

Here’s what you can do by utilizing Data Dimensions’ AP Workflow solution:

  • Reduce your costs dramatically, up to 60 percent
  • Improve visibility through the use of dynamic reporting and user-friendly dashboards
  • Enhance your control over information and regulatory compliance
  • Accelerate your invoice turnaround, which results in the elimination of late fees and the capture of early payment discounts
  • Improve access to data
  • Move your accounts payable department closer to electronic invoicing
  • Enjoy the benefits of line-item detail, without the issues of internal manual data entry

Repeated invoices are matched to account numbers or contracts, posted to the proper accounts, and approved for payment. The streamlined workflow allows for approval, denial, partial pay, or pend.

What’s more, the Data Dimensions AP workflow is complemented with a complete, end-to-end centralized mailroom and invoice-processing service.