Data Dimensions

The ideal medical bill payment solution does more than convert an outdated paper-based system to an electronic one. It streamlines your company’s entire bill payment process, allowing you to retain full control. It also leverages a fully compliant payment solution that provides accurate reimbursement across multiple electronic payment modalities.

Here are some of the benefits your organization can enjoy with the correct medical bill payment solution:

  • The ability to interface with any existing user claims system, with support of more than 200 unique payers
  • Multiple methods of payment (including EFT, virtual card and check), notification and EOR delivery, all managed through a single source
  • Connection to more than 900,000 providers and vendors
  • Virtual card acceptance from more than 240,000 providers
  • The ability to dramatically reduce fulfillment costs associated with print and mail for provider inquiries and the processing of provider name-and-address corrections

By choosing the right electronic medical bill payment solution, your organization can enjoy a proven and safe alternative to costly “snail mail” that also offers easy auditability and timely delivery.