Lock box operations

Lock box operations

Data Dimensions supports a comprehensive inbound Check/Remittance Lock Box based on Check21 standards for payment posting.

Faster clearing and enhanced visibility

The Dimensions360® Check 21 solution from Data Dimensions is ideal for billers such as insurers, utilities, government entities, non-profits, and other organizations.

Centralized Mailroom Operations

Single check/remit ingestion point for multiple PO Boxes to manage the end-to-end intake to posting process.

Financial Institution Agnostic

The solution is “Bank Agnostic” with the ability to easily integrate with multiple banks and/or accounts for electronic deposit.

Managing Complex Business Needs

Ability to manage highly complex document capture, reporting and/or routing requirements.

Advanced Data Capture

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software is utilized for the automated capture of deposit information from checks such as Payee, CAR (handwritten numeric amount) and LAR (handwritten word amount).

Associated Remit with Check

The Check 21 offering supports the ability to provide an indexed image file of all associated documents including envelope, remittance and check.

Custom Reporting

The Dimensions360® Check 21 solution provides real-time tracking of documents and actions, and the ability to generate custom reports.

Efficient process improvement

Data Dimensions is positioned to support complex check and remit projects that traditional bank lock boxes are ill-equipped to support

Benefits of Check 21 Processing
  • Eliminates trips to the bank for manual check deposits
  • Reduces manual keying of check and remittance data
  • Faster transaction processing
  • One day or better improvement in funds availability
  • ROI in as little as six months
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