Digital Document Management

Document management validations provide real time corrective actions

Our SaaS-based Document Management platform, Dimensions360, provides exception processing through one of its many modules specifically designed to identify, route and resolve document exceptions which enhances our clearinghouse and digital document management solutions.

Handle resolutions before they enter your systems

The Dimensions360 Exception Module is highly robust and easily configurable, allowing for in-line identification of document exceptions, routing, and resolution in real-time. As exceptions are resolved, documents are inserted back into the digital workflow process or can be off-ramped through our Return-to-Submitter print and mail process.

SaaS Based

Flexible UI for review and correction. Users log into the system via web-based connection to perform resolution processes.

Advanced Business Rule Engines

Identify documents with data issues and route for review and resolution.

Automated Routing

Configurable for workflow and processing optimization.

Print & Mail Integration

Seamless source presentment configurable to workflow rules and requirements.

Process Audit Trail

Dimensions360 provides comprehensive digital tracking for all actions taken on a document for reporting, audit trail, and archive purposes.

Operational Management and Control

Exception queues can be created at the individual user level, project level, client level or a single queue.

Contain costs and increase productivity

Exception management of critical metadata ensures timely resolution to essential business processes at the earliest stages of workflow eliminating re-processing and workflow disruption.

Benefits of Exception Handling
  • Decreased Cycle Time for final document processing
  • Eliminate re-processing costs associated to ‘restarting’ the document life cycle
  • End to end audit trail
  • Service Level Agreement(s) ensure timely source delivery
  • Reduce costs, resource time and disruption to core service offering delivery

Security & Compliance Certifications

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