October 2019
Data Dimensions

JANESVILLE, WI (Oct. 2019) – Data Dimensions, a leader in the field of Property and Casualty claims and medical bills processing, has just announced the launch of its newest offering, PANOPTICSM, a 360-degree processing platform built for the auto casualty and work comp markets.

PANOPTIC by Data Dimensions, is the first truly complete, end-to-end processing platform for the auto casualty and workers’ compensation industries. The platform is completely agnostic, integrating with any bill review company, making it a versatile asset to insurers.

With features such as Provider Credentialing, fraud and abuse detection, bill screening, filtering, and routing, PANOPTIC is a comprehensive cost-containment tool. The platform can also identify and help to prevent provider network leakage.

“PANOPTIC is truly a game changer for medical bills processing,” said Data Dimensions President and CEO, Jon Boumstein. “Insurers now have the ability to utilize one platform for everything from bill receipt to electronic payment and everything in between, rather than having to rely on multiple vendors. Other solutions in the industry claim to be all-encompassing, but once you pull back the layers you begin to see the gaps. PANOPTIC covers all the bases while being bill review agnostic.”

The PANOPTIC platform has the ability to receive claims documentation, medical bills and their attachments in any format (Paper mail, Fax, email, eBill, direct upload); an Intelligent Business Rules Engine applies ICD-9/ICD-10 validation, med bills filtering, provider screening, and claimant eligibility before routing the bills to the appropriate network, payor or bill review platform.

In addition, PANOPTIC helps insurers to meet Insurance Diversity Initiative (IDI) goals, pay providers and non-providers electronically, and provide actionable data through analytics and reporting. Artificial Intelligence is applied throughout the platform for maximum accuracy and efficiency, and its proprietary tracking and monitoring component gives visibility at every stage of the process.

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