September 2018
Data Dimensions

JANESVILLE, WI (Sept. 2018) – Data Dimensions, a leader in the field of business process outsourcing, is moving into the telemedicine arena with the introduction of DD TeleMed, powered by First Stop Health.

DD TeleMed offers diagnosis and treatment via phone and video access 24/7/365. Users can have unlimited consultations with physicians licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Prescriptions are provided when appropriate, and 86 percent of DD TeleMed calls prevent unnecessary trips to doctor’s offices, immediate care facilities and ERs. Though utilization rates for the telemedicine industry range between one and seven percent, DD TeleMed averages over 50 percent, twice as high as its next closest competitor.

DD TeleMed does more than offer convenience care for employees. It also offers substantial savings to employers and insurance providers in the worker’s compensation arena. DD TeleMed connects injured employees to healthcare and rehabilitation services, speeding up the recovery process and helping them return to the workforce more quickly.

“By aligning itself with patients’ interests, DD TeleMed is at the forefront of moving U.S. healthcare toward a consumer-centric system,” said Jon Boumstein, President and CEO of Data Dimensions. “Telemedicine far outranks other technologies in value to the work comp industry, and by using DD TeleMed, insurance providers can reduce their costs while improving the services they offer.”

Industry surveys show that telehealth and telemedicine are among the most effective methods for containing rising healthcare costs. Considering the National Council on Compensation Insurance estimates a more than 300 percent increase in medical benefits in lost time per claim between 2003 and 2015, from $9,000 to $28,500, DD TeleMed will prove to be invaluable to the work comp industry.

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