Supplier Payments Solution

Control, transparency and flexibility over supplier payments

DD BillPay+ is an electronic payments solution designed specifically to maximize the efficiency of your supplier payments process by leveraging multiple payment modalities in a single automated workflow.

Payments automation enables your finance team to reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency while realizing significant cost savings. And, with the use of virtual cards, your AP department can quickly be transformed from a cost center to a revenue generator.

DD BillPay+ allows organizations to:

Maximize electronic payment transactions and enable revenue generation.

Reduce Costs

Electronic payment transactions can be processed for a fraction of the cost of a traditional paper check. Expenses associated with paper checks including the costs of paper, ink, printing, postage, and bank fees are avoided when utilizing electronic payment methods.

Increase Security

Electronic payments are more secure, eliminating the risk of check fraud.

Enroll More Suppliers

Data Dimensions supplier enrollment process is comprehensive and configured to provide clients maximum supplier conversion to electronic payment methods.

Build Supplier Relationships

Your suppliers and vendors have the ability to choose the payment method they prefer, further increasing supplier enrollment.

Generate Revenue

Virtual cards and e-checks offer an opportunity to earn rebates on a portion of your AP spend.

Value Delivered

DD BillPay+ gives your accounts payable team the speed, transparency, and agility to scale regardless of the number of invoices processed.

Benefits of Supplier Payments
  • Connects seamlessly with your existing ERP and payment network
  • Comprehensive and customized supplier enrollment process for higher supplier conversion to electronic payment methods
  • Reduces costs associated with paper checks
  • Optimizes cash flow

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