Data Dimensions

New developments in technology mean increased efficiency, speed and data processing power, but they also bring regulatory risks. As an article at Corporate Compliance Insights points out, growth in data-processing “continues to outpace clear regulatory and ethical consensuses, which leaves organizations struggling to weigh their current value against the potential for crossing an as-yet undefined line.”

If your organization doesn’t want to cross that line into non-compliance, Data Dimensions can help. We ensure regulatory compliance by integrating security and privacy into all phases of training and day-to-day operations. We also monitor federal and state legislation to ensure continued compliance with regulatory obligations:

  • HIPAA: Data Dimensions is 100 percent HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC: SOC 2, Type 2, audits and verification are performed annually by a third party.
  • HITRUST: Data Dimensions’ HITRUST CSF Certified status demonstrates that our workflow and content management platform, Dimensions360, has met key regulations and industry-defined requirements,  and that it appropriately manages risk.
  • FISMA: Data Dimensions facilities are rated moderate under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

What’s more, Data Dimensions has physical controls in place to provide secure access to facilities and sensitive, controlled areas. Environmental controls for fire suppression, flood control, and HVAC protect critical systems and source data. Your data is safe, and your company’s compliance is ensured.