Data Dimensions


Regulatory compliance is a necessity in any industry, but it’s also a constantly moving target that can be difficult to hit – and costly to miss.

What’s needed is an experienced BPO provider that also has extensive experience with meeting this standard on a state, national and industry level. Data Dimensions is that company.

Data Dimensions remains in compliance with state and federal requirements and adheres to all appropriate industry standards to provide trusted continuity of service to our clients. We ensure regulatory compliance by making security and privacy a vital part of all phases of our training and day-to-day operations.

Though a large part of our client base is focused on HIPAA compliance, Data Dimensions’ IT professionals also have extensive experience serving clients who must comply with regulations related to PHI, GLBA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA, and other regulatory initiatives.

Data Dimensions’ privacy program addresses all aspects of information privacy, and preparedness, electronic communications, user guidelines and security awareness. We monitor legislation at the state and federal levels to ensure that we – and our clients – remain compliant.