Data Dimensions

Centralized Mailroom Solution

Relying on traditional print and mail for the distribution of payment and remittance information is not the most efficient way for your organization to operate. Manually processing inbound documents can put a strain on your company’s resources, take your employees’ attention away from their core competencies and negatively affect your bottom line. A centralized mailroom solution helps in this.

Instead, consider automating your mailroom process. With high-speed scanning and form ID technology, the right Centralized Mailroom automation solution will:

  • Reduce operating and overhead costs
  • Accelerate access to information, allowing for effective collaboration, better communication, and faster business decisions
  • Improve compliance
  • Allow the use of leading-edge technology without the need to purchase costly equipment and software
  • Eliminate duplicate procedures, lost documents, and the need to photocopy
  • Offer backup/redundancy for disaster recovery

When choosing a Centralized Mailroom, select one that can accept multiple formats, including physical mail, email, fax, and PDF documents, invoices, medical bills, medical claims, surveys, enrollment forms, and other materials.

Data Dimensions is the industry leader in providing centralized document intake services that reduce the cost, time, effort, and errors associated with managing inbound documents, faxes, and emails. Our digital mailroom solution uses artificial intelligence to automate document-driven functions enabling enterprises to focus on their core business competencies.