Outbound Digital Mailroom

Even with the rise of digital communications and channels, many businesses still rely on direct mail to communicate with clients, invoice for services, build new businesses and raise their public profile. Manual processes and legacy systems can lead to inefficient and poor-quality communications, which impacts customer satisfaction negatively. Digital Mailroom is the solution.

In times like these, businesses need an experienced provider who can automate their outbound digital mailroom and other print and mail needs. Outsourcing mailroom functions is no longer just an exercise in overhead reduction; it can improve an organization’s overall efficiency, improve quality of service and position the organization for future growth in the new business climate.

Those looking to implement a digital mailroom should search for a solution that utilizes leading-edge technology, skill sets, and processes to deliver personalized outbound communication to their customers. The solution should address all forms of distribution, including First Class Discounted Mail, Certified and eCertified Mail, Flat Mailings, Return Mail, and ePresentment.

The key to a reliable outbound mailroom solution is a continual investment in technology and training to manage an ever-growing production operation. The print-and-mail fulfillment solution should have high-output production technology, support OCR, MICR, and color capabilities and offer intelligent inserting for printed outbound communications.

A reliable, outsourced print-and-mail fulfillment solution offers an organization a variety of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced output design
  • Elimination of material and production waste
  • Improved audits and controls
  • Guaranteed SLAs and turnaround times
  • Robust distribution capabilities
  • Deep postage discounts

When an organization attempts to manage its own print-and-mail production, it can place an undue burden on its existing resources and staff. But by outsourcing such production to an experienced service provider, a company can enjoy the benefits, including a streamlined outbound mailroom, greater reliability, and reduced operational costs.