Digital Bill & Mail Outbound Communication

Outbound communications and campaigns

Data Dimensions continually invests in the technology and trained skill sets needed to manage a large production operation. Our experience managing numerous file formats, libraries, business rules, etc., is combined with an understanding of the technical requirements needed to distribute personalized communications in the most efficient manner, driving DAY ONE efficiencies.


Production Facilities

1 Billion+

Images Produced Monthly

35 Million

Envelopes Posted Monthly

1 Billion+

Emails/Texts/SMS Sent Monthly

The leader in managing outbound, personalized communications.

Managing your mission-critical outbound personalized communication needs by leveraging best-of-breed experienced skill sets and technology to deliver immediate, significant and continual results.

Whitepaper Production Environment

Complete in-line production leveraging variable full-color process imaging eliminates the need to store custom stock/inventory.

Robust Data Management Experience

Managing a variety of file formats to drive omnichannel (print/mail, email, text, sms, etc.) fulfillment communications and campaigns using existing file formats minimizes the need to allocate internal IT resources.

Seamlessly Scalable

No longer is there a need to maintain the hardware, software and inventory needed to meet fluctuating volume and consumer preference fulfillment demands.

Redundant Production Environment

With 7 mirrored facilities in North America, the solution ensures outbound fulfillment is integrated, compliant, and staffed to address fulfillment needs both from a load-balance and emergency perspective.

Fulfillment Project Control at Your Fingertips

Secure administrative portal with comprehensive dashboards to manage, track and report on omnichannel communications and campaigns down to the individual output record.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

The production operations are SOC II, HIPAA, Six Sigma, FISMA, and ISO compliant, in addition to being USPS CASS Certified for deeply discounted mailing purposes.

Cost Effective and Efficient

A fully customizable omnichannel outbound fulfillment operation that is agile, efficient and effective in meeting your personalized communications needs.

Benefits of Digital Print & Mail
  • Enhanced output design
  • Improved audits and controls
  • Guaranteed SLA’s and turnaround times
  • Deep postage discounts
  • Fixed costs per communicated e-messaging and mail-piece
  • Global Communications Capabilities
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