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COVID-19 has brought a lot into question regarding Workers’ Compensation and where it applies. As numbers are on the rise again, what does that mean for Workers’ Comp claims?

Whether or not a person can file for Workers’ Compensation after testing positive for COVID-19 is a gray area, as is much of the information surrounding this novel virus. Most state statues exclude “ordinary diseases of life” such as the common cold or the flu from compensation. However, states and employers are now posed with the moral question of whether to cover those who are working on the frontlines of this virus, most notably, healthcare workers. With many healthcare workers putting in overtime and taking on extra shifts to cover for workers that are out due to illness or the need to quarantine, shouldn’t they be compensated if they become ill with COVID-19?

Most states have been looking at this, with some having already enacted legislation and issued executive orders expanding workers’ compensation coverage to certain workers. Depending on how the virus progresses over the next few months or even years, we could be looking at major reforms to the Workers Compensation industry. Businesses are going to want to stay ahead of this and would likely find it beneficial to enlist the help of an outsourced claims solution provider that specializes in navigating the ever-evolving complexities of compliance in the workers’ compensation industry.

An automated processing platform with the ability to integrate with (or better yet, have existing integrations with) any bill review provider will be the most beneficial tool to have in place if you are anticipating a change in your state’s workers’ compensation regulations.

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