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Compliant Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is a practice in which businesses outsource or automate a particular work process or procedure to an external service provider. This can include just about anything needed to run a business, including payroll and other finance functions, telemarketing, data and document management, client support, and more. BPA usually deals with non-core business functions within a company.

Companies of all sizes outsource operations, and demand continues to rise as new and creative services are launched; from young startups to large Fortune 500 companies.

Business Process Automation is split into two major service types: back office and front office. Internal business procedures, such as accounts or orders, are used in back-office services. Front-office facilities, such as marketing and tech support, involve communicating with the contracting company’s customers.

Signs you need to automate a part of your business

In your business, you need to do what you do best and let a qualified, experienced vendor focus on your ancillary, non-core functions. If you can relate to any of the following statements, you may need to automate sooner rather than later.

Your workers cannot execute certain tasks. Let’s say you have an important project to complete, but no one on your team can complete it without learning a new skill. You should employ a specialist who has the experience to complete this specific task, and you can hire him or her again if the same need arises in the future. This saves a great deal of time and effort.

Admin tasks bog down your workers.  For example, Your AP specialist is so busy processing invoices and purchase orders, you’re missing out on early pay discounts or worse, the invoices may end up being paid late.

Your managers are overwhelmed. You can support your internal teams by automating if they are overloaded with responsibilities. Freeing up staff responsibilities by automating can allow them to do other tasks to support management.

Benefits of automating some of your business processes

Flexibility: Business Process Automation allows your business greater organizational flexibility. Companies can redirect time and resources toward their core competencies by  automating non-core and administrative roles, resulting in a leg-up over companies in their field.

Access to new technology: BPA provides organizations with access to new software that they would not otherwise benefit from. By embracing the most current technology and practices, companies that use BPA are continually working to optimize their processes.

Higher efficiency: Companies that provide BPA services are experienced and perform at the highest level in various fields. They embrace best practices and use the newest innovations. Naturally, it contributes to greater efficiency and higher productivity.

Focus on core business functions: The transition of non-core processes to a BPA company gives your organization more time to concentrate on its critical business operations.

Automating business processes can be an efficient way for businesses to fine-tune their operations to reduce costs and build efficiencies if proper testing, review, and due diligence are performed.

Make sure your BPA vendor is compliant (we are!)

As you probably know, many rules, legislation, guidelines, and ethical practices that apply to your company and industry are expected to be followed by your business and employees. Enforcing compliance allows your company to avoid and track violations of laws that shield your business from fines and litigation.

By incorporating protection and privacy into all training phases and on-going, regular activities, we’re serious about regulatory compliance here at Data Dimensions. We track laws to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations, both at the federal and state levels. Necessary physical measures are in place and protect confidential information to provide safe access to facilities and controlled areas. To protect sensitive systems and source data, we ensure environmental regulations for fire protection, flood control, and HVAC are in place.

As pioneers in information management and business process automation, we apply intelligence, creativity, and deep industry experience to handle your back-office operations. Learn more about our BPA services here.

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