Data Dimensions

EOB Processing Automation

If your organization is searching for a reliable provider of Explanation of Benefits Processing, Data Dimensions is the solution to your problem. Our service combines leading-edge technology, skilled operators, state-of-the-art processing facilities (that are HIPAA-compliant), and the image’s highest image quality.

Data Dimensions can process EOBs in all formats, from any insurer, no matter the length. We convert EOBs to digital images, index those images in industry-standard EDI 835 format, then use your unique business rules for handling them. Our EOB processing is complemented with Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies, resulting in a customized solution to meet your company’s specific needs.

Among the benefits that come with Data Dimensions’ EOB Processing:

  • Expedited processing, which allows for greater profitability
  • Ability to route EOBs electronically based on your organization’s business rules to minimize exceptions and promote efficiencies
  • Guaranteed quality and quick turnaround times
  • Flexibility to customize our system to fit your company’s needs
  • Acknowledgments and reconciliation of payment remittance files

Data Dimensions offers a variety of options for EOB Processing Automation, including the ability to receive hard copy documents via fax, mail, and/or carrier; prioritized processing based on total dollar amount; Check 21 processing of checks received for auto-deposit to your financial institution and full records storage, including short-term, long-term and archival, with destruction options as well.