Data Dimensions

Is your organization struggling with the complexities and costs of explanation of benefits? Need a way to increase efficiency while lowering costs? The solution is EOB Processing Services.

Data Dimensions’ explanation of benefits (EOB) processing services is driven by a combination of leading-edge technology, skilled operators, HIPAA-compliant processing facilities, and the industry’s best image quality. The result? We can design a customized solution that can meet your organization’s specific needs. Among the options, Data Dimensions offers for its EOB processing services:

  • The ability to receive hard copy documents via fax, mail, and/or carrier
  • Processing according to total dollar amount prioritization
  • Extracted data is automatically validated at any level you choose for your organization, including service lines, patients, account numbers, etc.
  • Check21 processing of checks received for auto-deposit to your financial institution
  • The option to export data to any other applications and/or formats for back-end processing
  • Electronic EOBs delivered through Dimensions360, which offers 24/7 availability
  • Full records storage, with short-term, long-term, archival, and destruction options available

What’s more, Data Dimensions’ EOB processing offers expedited processing, which allows for increased profitability, as well as the ability to route EOBs electronically based on your company’s business rules to minimize exceptions and promote efficiencies.