As part of its dedication to continually evolving, leading-edge technology, Data Dimensions has made Artificial Intelligence a vital part of its Shared Services solution. If your organization is already taking advantage of Data Dimensions’ Centralized Mailroom, DD BillPay, Workflow, or other services, now is the time to learn how Data Dimensions’ AI can increase that efficiency and improve your bottom line.

To implement AI effectively, organizations should consider the following:

  • Data Quality: AI relies on high-quality data, so ensure your data is clean, well-structured, and readily available.

  • Training and Integration: AI models need to be trained and integrated into your existing systems and workflows.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuously monitor AI systems to ensure they are functioning as expected and make necessary adjustments.

  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: Be mindful of ethical and legal considerations related to data privacy, bias, and compliance.

AI can indeed streamline operations, but it’s essential to approach its implementation strategically and thoughtfully to reap its full benefits.

Data Dimensions’ Artificial Intelligence utilizes Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and Computer Visioning, as well as Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling to signification increase the speed and accuracy of data processing.

Data Dimensions’ Artificial Intelligence can…

  • Augment manual repeatable tasks, increasing your employees’ ability to process more work
  • Allow decisions to be automated, improving the speed and accuracy of the data capture process
  • Reduce time spent on re-scans and manual document identification and processing
  • Increase capture rate by more than 40 percent versus use of OCR alone
  • Streamline the reporting process, extracting information automatically and allowing for a more thorough analysis of the data that results

Data Dimensions’ Artificial Intelligence, as part of our Shared Services Solution, can change the way your organization processes data, manages the transaction lifecycle, and improves your bottom line. Contact us to learn how.