Claims and Medical Bills Data Capture

Purpose built SaaS capture platform

Optic™ is Data Dimensions proprietary data capture platform incorporating AI, OCR, ICR and KFI automation technologies with robust business rules engines for the classification and accurate extraction of data from forms. Optic accommodates both structured and unstructured documents and is available as a SaaS or outsourced model.


Increase in throughputs


Back-end System Integrations

120 Million+

Claim Forms & Medical Bills Processed Annually

Drive maximum efficiency

Optic leverages automation and validation processes in conjunction with AI and machine learning technologies, resulting in first time quality and low touch processing.

Integrated Technology Platform

Customization for your electronic documents to integrate into your systems.

Database Matching

Acceptance of database matching files at client-defined intervals with a client-defined data format.

Flexible Exports

Ability to ingest and export data in XML, PDF, EDI 837, TIFF, and other file formats.

Third Party Routing

Workflows based upon your business rules for routing and processing.

Quality Management

Quality control at each stage of processing.

Intelligent Document Intake

Multiple data ingestion options enhanced with leading automation technology.

Streamline claims processing

Easily transform data from structured or unstructured forms into a formatted data file that can easily be ingested into back-end systems for downstream workflow processing.

Benefits of Data Capture
  • Purpose built technology platform for the P&C and Comp industry
  • Automation delivering unsurpassed efficiency
  • Reduced cycle times & enhanced quality
  • Data standardization across form types
  • Formatted data for easy ingestion into back-end systems
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