Data Capture

High-speed, high-capacity image capture, and auto-form identification

Data Dimensions utilizes the latest technologies for high-speed, high-capacity intelligent data capture technology and auto-form identification. Our process incorporates double-feed detection, document de-skewing, and image enhancement to ensure crystal-clear images, regardless of the paper type or color. After scanning and document identification, documents are routed to sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) software that automatically extracts key data. 
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  1. Forms-recognition software automates document identification to reduce the number of manual up-front sorts required in our document preparation processes
  2. OCR and ICR software provide automatic data extraction
  3. Manual data capture (KFI) is used for data validation
  4. Non-standard forms are converted manually utilizing key entry and key verification as required on critical fields

Avoid the cost of data capture hardware, software or maintenance

Reduced paper handling and administrative efforts

Data standardization across form types

Superior data accuracy

Increased efficiency