Touchless Invoice Processing

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an overwhelming – and ongoing — impact on business. Across the US, and around the world, organizations had the difficult challenge of adapting to the quickly changing business landscape and implementing new solutions to keep their business moving forward.

Because Accounts Payable is a paper-intensive function that involves high volumes of manual data entry, invoice processing is especially difficult now that many employees are working from home for organizations that have not yet found a solution.

Our Invoice Processing solutions enable organizations remote access for authorized users to log in from virtually anywhere so that they can continue to process incoming supplier invoices according to your specific business rules. This allows not only for business continuity in the present, but maximizes the efficiency of your AP department moving into the future.

Specifically for AP departments, our Touchless Invoice Processing can help ensure business continuity for your organization, even amidst potential geo-political crises:

  • Digital Mailroom Services: We receive your paper and non-paper invoices in any format: US Mail, courier, PDF, fax, email, etc. Documents are prepped for digitization and indexing.
  • Data Capture: Our proprietary capture platform, Optic®, utilizes a robust OCR engine complimented by Artificial Intelligence to extract header- and/or line-level details based on your specific business rules. Manual data validation and data correction are available both onshore as well as offshore.
  • Workflow: The Dimensions360® workflow provides dynamic functionality and optimum visibility through 2 & 3 Way PO Matching, automated approvals for recurring invoices and contracts with complete archival and auditing capabilities. Data is transferred into the ERP system of your choice. Dimensions360® helps ensure your organizations’ SOPs are followed while maximizing the capabilities and efficiency of your remote workforce.
  • Payments: Pay your suppliers and vendors electronically through the payment modality of your choice; virtual card, e-check, ACH, or via traditional check through Data Dimensions’ print and mail center.
  • Guaranteed SLAs: Data Dimensions offers guaranteed SLAs for both accuracy and turnaround times.

Using a touchless, automated workflow, Data Dimensions’ Accounts Payable solutions automate the entire transaction lifecycle and move your company closer to fully electronic invoicing while maximizing the impact of employees current job functions. Our suite of Accounts Payable solutions can help alleviate challenges faced in today’s changing business landscape; assuring business continuity as well as enhancing your invoice processing productivity for the years to come.