Data Dimensions

Data. It’s your organization’s lifeline, giving you direction and purpose. But ingesting that data and putting it in a form you can easily process can be an expensive, time-consuming, complicated process. Learn how Data Capture Solution efficiently collects, analyze, and utilize data with our comprehensive guide. 

What your organization needs is an experienced provider of Data Capture solutions, one that combines decades of experience with a dedication to continually evolving technology. What your organization needs is Data Dimensions.  

What sets Data Dimensions’ Data Capture solution apart is our use of state-of-the-art, high-speed, high-capacity hardware and software to provide the best image quality in the industry. Our process incorporates double-feed detection, document de-skewing, and image enhancement to ensure clear images. Also, our forms-recognition software automates the document identification process to reduce the manual, up-front sorts required in document preparation, streamlining the process and lowering expenses.

Among the benefits of Data Dimensions’ Data Capture :

  • Superior data accuracy
  • Data standardization across form types
  • Reduced paper handling and administrative efforts
  • End-to-end process ownership

What’s more, Data Dimensions’ Data Capture comes with a Quality Assurance guarantee, with programs that incorporate Six Sigma statistically valid random sampling methodologies. Our process improvement area is led by a Six Sigma black belt who establishes the quality assurance perimeters for each project, and quality assurance analysts review all form data captured, assuring optimal data accuracy.