Data Dimensions

Is your organization struggling with the expense and inconvenience often associated with paper documents?  There’s a simple solution: Convert that data into an electronic form through the services of a reliable provider of data capture processes. 

By selecting a reliable, experienced expert, you can enjoy the benefits of data capture without the need to invest in hardware, software, employee training or maintenance.

Here’s how the process works: After scanning and document identification, your company’s documents are routed to sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) software that will automatically extract key data from the documents. If any data is determined to be unreadable by OCR or ICR, an image is passed to an operator, who will perform total key entry from the image (KFI), guaranteeing that the data is captured.

Here are some of the benefits your organization will experience by utilizing the services of a reliable data capture provider:

  • Superior accuracy of your data
  • Data standardization across form types
  • Reduction in physical paper handling
  • Reduction in administration efforts
  • Increased efficiency
  • End-to-end ownership of the process

Organizations can virtually drown in paper documents, risking loss of money, time, security, and compliance trying to deal with the overwhelming flood of physical documents. But by outsourcing data capture services to a reliable and experienced provider, you can convert those documents to easy-to-manage, secure, compliant information.