Enrollment Forms Processing

Enrollment forms processing is probably vital to your organization, but for these (and other) reasons it’s an element that can quickly become costly, overly complex, and error-prone:

  • Data and forms are scattered across your organization, making it difficult to centralize and efficiently manage the various forms and enrollment processes.
  • There’s a lack of visibility in your enrollment process, making it difficult to measure and monitor what is happening. That means it’s hard to discover where the problems lie, how errors are happening or what you can do to fix them.
  • The technology and toolset your organization uses for enrollment processing are fragmented and rely on legacy systems, making upgrading your operation very costly and achieving a seamless process virtually impossible.
  • Your communication system is outdated, relying on manual processes and paper communications.

What is the best way to avoid these problems? Outsource your enrollment processing to an experienced provider with a continuing commitment to technology. Data Dimensions offers various services that automate enrollment forms from end to end.

Data Dimensions’ services rely on leading-edge technology to identify enrollment forms that need priority processing. Moreover, our comprehensive workflows channel enrollment forms to appropriate queues based on rules you develop, in addition to an exception queue for states that fail your organization’s pre-established business rules. Our state-of-the-art technology, onshore keying, and document review provide the highest level of data accuracy, and our data capture services can be performed on our platform, or metadata can be entered into your internal system.

Stop struggling with enrollment forms processing, and contact Data Dimensions to see how our services can solve your problems.