Data Dimensions

If you’re looking for a way to optimize the claim and medical bill process at your organization, increasing auto-adjudication rates while reducing costs and turnaround times, Data Dimensions has the answer: Our Dimensions360 insurance workflow. It allows you to eliminate the need to physically transfer documents, reduce human error, maintain version control, and comply with government regulations.

Here are the steps involved in Data Dimensions’ Insurance Workflow:

  • Documents are scanned or imported into Dimensions360.
  • Dimensions360 saves a copy of the document to the repository.
  • OCR is performed for indexing fields and keywords.
  • Keywords or templates trigger a workflow based on business rules.
  • Documents are routed to the appropriate user.
  • The user can edit, approve, deny, print, etc. the document.
  • Dimensions360 routes the document to the next specified user and saves a version.
  • The next user receives and can work on a document.

Reducing paper processes with Data Dimensions’ electronic workflows can help your organization route, manage and view documents based on pre-configured business rules. Authorized users can quickly approve or disapprove documents, collaborate with peers, create workflows, and even add annotations such as time/date stamps, highlights, text notes, redactions, and more. By doing so, your organization can reduce human error, enforce required approval processes and ensure compliance with government regulations and industry standards.