Data Dimensions

The physical transfer of documents from person to person wasn’t something that caused anxiety until recently. It did, however, often result in human error, missed approval processes, and the added stress of ensuring processes are in compliance with applicable government and industry regulations.

Depending on where you are in the chain of command of critical documents; from medical claims and bills to medical bill payments, and many other critical documents across the medical bills processing spectrum Person-to-Person Paper Handling – you likely have one or more areas of concern for a number of reasons. Dimensions360 is the tool that works where your employees work and can not only alleviate these concerns but can add tremendous value to your organization moving into the future.

  • Eliminate the need to physically transfer documents from person to person
  • Maximize efficiency, cost savings, and compliance
  • Reduce human error
  • Easily enforce required approval processes
  • Maintain version control and comply with regulations
  • Electronic Payments to providers and non-providers

By outsourcing workflow needs to a provider with a dedication to evolving technology, companies can quickly change and improve their digital strategy without the expense of hardware, software, or employee training. It helps in Paper Handling.

Dimensions360 is a highly configurable solution that automates data and document management. The Dimensions360 SaaS solution is a comprehensive ECM software system that allows users the ability to access business-critical documents and data with a single click, ensuring optimum employee productivity.