Data Dimensions

Simplify Your Company’s Billing with our eBilling Solution

There’s no question that the billing process can be complicated and expensive, putting a strain on your organization’s resources. But there is a solution: DD eBill, powered by Availity to Simplify Your Company’s Billing.

With DD eBill, providers and their employees don’t move between different – and often confusing – interfaces. Instead, they’re able to navigate within a single workflow that supports bill processing, payment/remit data formats, and administrative functions. In this way, DD eBill ensures a consistent and multi-functional experience for both providers and carriers. Also, DD eBill increases value by streamlining the processes of bill submission, tracking, exception handling and payments/remits, delivering immediate – and measurable – results for your organization.

Data Dimensions’ eBill processing solution includes:

  • Intuitive interface and seamless integration of over 600 practice management systems
  • A seamless connection from Day One, with more than 900,000 providers with daily experience in submitting or receiving electronic payments
  • Timely notification of rules-based feedback to proactively identify  and correct errors, which results in a shortened bill processing time
  • Enhanced auditability and reporting of bill processing by both the carrier and provider throughout the bill submission and payment continuum

DD eBill , combined with Data Dimensions’ DD BillPay solution, is a complete billing solution that can streamline the entire process for your organization, allow your employees to focus on core competencies and, most importantly, improve your bottom line.