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In an article on the facilities management web site, David Darling says it’s no longer necessary – or efficient – for companies to rely on a dedicated, on-site mailroom.

“Like most other aspects of business, the mailroom is undergoing a revolution,” Darling says. “For one thing, it is no longer squirreled away in the basement — in fact, for many companies, it is not even on the premises. Larger businesses in particular are now often supported by offsite mailrooms which serve several purposes and, as the era of digital mailrooms and information hubs dawns, are set to become even more important.”

Outsourcing your mailroom services allows your organization to reduce the complexity, cost, time and errors associated with opening, managing and distributing inbound documents. Taking the step to automating your mailroom needs can increase efficiencies, reduce expenses and allow your employees to focus on your company’s vital tasks.

What’s more, in this time of the COVID-19, receiving mail and packages poses an additional risk. Outsourcing your company’s needs to an experienced provider of centralized mailroom solutions can reduce the risk incoming packages and correspondence poses for your organization.