Data Dimensions

For insurers, utilities, nonprofits, government agencies, and other billers seeking a solution to the costs and complexities of depositing electronic checks, Data Dimensions’ Check Processing Solution offers reduced costs, a streamlined process, and faster processing of transactions.

Here’s how our Check 21 solution works: Paper checks are scanned, with all necessary fields (date, amount, MICR information, etc.) captured automatically. The images are then sent to Data Dimensions’ secure image repository, where they are stored and made available for viewing to authorized employees and customers. The information is then validated, and the electronic file is transmitted for settlement or deposit processing.

Among the benefits you’ll enjoy when utilizing Data Dimensions’ Check 21 solution:

  • Return on your investment in as little as six months
  • Accelerated transaction processing
  • One-day (or better) improvement in the availability of your funds
  • Reduced bank deposit fees
  • Instant access to archived payment information
  • Improved returned check handling

Data Dimensions’ Check 21 solution supports business and personal checks, as well as all types of remittance transactions, including a single check and remittance stub, a single check and multiple remittance stubs, check-only transactions, and check and list transactions. What’s more, our Check 21 solution can be deployed on-premise or delivered via the Cloud.