Data Dimensions

2020 was unlike any year we have experienced. Unique challenges were posed to businesses across all industries. No one could have predicted that COVID-19 would trigger a worldwide pandemic that would last this long. Wrap on 2020!

Data Dimensions has done all that it can to reduce risk to our employees while supporting them and our communities. Early in the pandemic, we were proud to donate $10,000 to the United Way Coronavirus Relief Fund to help organizations that were on the frontline of this crisis. Many of our employees quickly had to adapt to a remote working environment, while those who could not perform their duties remotely implemented recommended safety practices into their daily routines.

Our robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans ensured that our clients never saw a disruption in service; we are extremely proud to be able to say Data Dimensions suffered ZERO downtime during the course of this pandemic.

As we look forward to 2021 and beyond, our services continue to evolve and bring cost and time-saving benefits to our clients. While we certainly can’t solve COVID-19, we CAN help reduce some of the stresses that it has brought to your company. With many people now working remotely, a Digital Mailroom Solutions may be of great benefit to you. Automating AP processes can help lessen the load on accounts payable departments that may have an increased workload due to reduced staffing. Or maybe you are weighing the options of going 100% virtual and need a more complete, end-to-end solution.

Whatever it may be, Data Dimensions is well poised to help you enter 2021 strong. Reach out to us to learn more about our business process automation services and how they can benefit you in the new year.