July 2020
Data Dimensions

Advanced Automation And Digital Transformation

JANESVILLE, WI (July 2020) – Data Dimensions, already the leader in business process automation for the P&C Insurance, Workers Compensation and AP industries, continues to make great strides in applying the most advanced tools and technology throughout its automation processes.

The latest improvement is in the company’s front end, digital mailroom service. Data Dimensions recently invested in new high-speed scanning equipment with hardware and software upgrades that provide for the fastest scanning speeds in the industry, increasing the company’s previous scanning speeds by over 60%.

The new scanning system leading Data Dimensions digital mailroom is the world’s fastest, featuring improved, next-gen camera technology for superior image quality up to 600dpi. This supports the company’s initiatives for automated document and data capture and driving clients’ digital transformation.

Complementing the company’s artificial intelligence initiative, the scanners also have the ability to recognize forms, perform complex barcode capture and out-sort processing, and capture exceptions early, such as missing signatures, blank form fields, etc., greatly reducing time and use of resources.

“The significant costs associated with the labor, real estate, equipment and equipment maintenance needed for mailroom and document capture activities make outsourcing these functions the most logical and economical choice for many organizations,” said Jon Boumstein, President and CEO. “Our advanced automation in this arena helps organizations alleviate those costs and, at the same time, prepares those organizations with a solution that will maximize their productivity in this new business climate by giving their workforce more efficient ways to remotely access the documents and data critical to their daily operations. ”

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