December 2017
Data Dimensions

Data Dimensions, a leader in business process automation, has partnered with NLP Logix, providers of advanced analytics and machine-learning data services and products, to integrate Artificial Intelligence into its services and solutions.

The partnership between the two companies is being officially announced and launched at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo, which is being held this week in Las Vegas.

By utilizing Data Dimensions as an outsourced Shared Services Center, organizations are able to improve service quality and increase profits by standardizing processes, reducing administrative costs and eliminating redundant tasks.

With business services such as eBill, medical bill data capture, imaging, workflow automation and ePayment, Data Dimensions already offers a variety of options for increased business efficiency. With the addition of AI capabilities, Data Dimensions is able to further enhance the solutions it offers its clients for efficiency, accuracy and value that is unmatched in the industry.

“By utilizing the AI expertise of NLP Logix, Data Dimensions will achieve new levels in efficiency and accuracy in the solutions we offer,” Data Dimensions President and CEO Jon Boumstein said. “This alliance will help position Data Dimensions as a leading provider for outsourced shared services, allowing us to better serve our existing customers and expand into new markets.”

NLP Logix, founded in 2011, specializes in converting data from varied sources into actionable, vital information in a fraction of the time compared with traditional business methods. The company’s expertise with machine learning, predictive modelling, business intelligence and other leading-edge processes combined with Data Dimensions automated business services offers clients the ability to reduce costs while achieving maximum efficiency.

“With Data Dimensions’ world-class subject matter experts on process flow, and large amounts of training data to apply algorithms to train the computers combined with our technology, we are confident that this partnership has all of the necessary elements to successfully deliver artificial intelligence solutions to clients across many industries” said Robert Marsh, Co-Founder and CTO, NLP Logix.

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