November 2023
Data Dimensions

New Payor Announcement:  Data Dimensions partners with Berkley Entertainment and North American Risk Services (NARS) to revolutionize eBilling!

Data Dimensions is proud to announce that Berkley Entertainment has now joined us as a direct payor route, and North American Risk Services, INC (NARS) is now accepting Auto Bills.

Eligibility/claim indexing within Clearinghouse is available for both Berkley Entertainment and NARS. If you’re a provider, you can update your billing software and start eBilling today! These new payor routes mark a significant step forward in simplifying and streamlining the billing process for these payors as well as for providers submitting eBills to these payors.

As always, we aim to empower providers and payors alike with best-in-class, efficient, and effective tools to manage their billing seamlessly. Stay tuned for more updates as Data Dimensions continues to expand our robust payor network.


eBilling Details


Payor NameMailing AddressPayor IDStatesProfessionalInstitutionalAutoPersonal InjuryPharmacy RXPhysician RXDentalSBR Appeals835.0
Berkley EntertainmentPO Box 141299, Irving, TX 75014LV700AllYesYesNoNoYesYesNoYesYes
North American Risk Services, Inc. (NARS)PO Box 166002, Altamonte Springs, FL 62716CB172AllYesYesYesYesNoYesNoYesYes

Berkley Entertainment was previously routed through WC679 (Berkley Entertainment and Environmental). These groups are being separated, Berkley Entertainment will now route through LV700 and Berkley Environmental will continue to route through WC679.

NARS has been active with Data Dimensions for some time now, but we are happy to announce that Auto is a new line of business type available for providers. A list of all available payors for Data Dimensions can be found here.

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