eBilling Process

eBilling made simple

Data Dimensions offers providers with a comprehensive, single-source, all-payor solution. With industry-leading access to over 4,400+ electronic payors, you are able to more effectively submit all your bills and supporting documents, streamlining your eBilling process in the P&C market.

Submitter friendly and flexible

Data Dimensions offers numerous methods to connect and access a robust 2-way communication network for simplified connectivity.

Enhanced Web Portals

Robust billing platforms for the submission of billing transactions and digital attachments.


Allows medical submitters a means to look up or validate Payor Claim Numbers prior to medical bills submission.

Direct-to-Mail & dtmEDI™

“Non-structured document” fulfillment service which allows a submitter to transmit image files for processing.

IntelligentMail™ Tracing & Tracking

Replaces registered mail tracking of print and mail routes.


Generation of an attestation letter included with billing transactions to support timely filing guidelines.

Secondary Party Serving (SPS)

Transmit copies of billing records to multiple parties through a single submission feed.

Increase Submission Efficiency

Data Dimensions provides submitters a single-source, all-payor partner for eBilling services in the P&C market, with access to over 4,400+ electronic receivers.

Provider Services Benefits
  • Single source solution ensures delivery of all workers’ compensation and auto casualty bills in a streamlined, compliant, efficient manner
  • Print and mail services when an electronic delivery route is not available
  • Capability to view billing in a web-based portal to determine processing and payment status; audit trail for bill tracking
  • Advanced pre-adjudication editing to streamline bill processing and payment
  • Multiple digital attachment management offerings
  • Proof of delivery to non-EDI payors sent via USPS network


Property & Casualty Electronic Route Connections


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Direct Connections


Attachments Processed Annually

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