If you’re seeking new levels of efficiency for your organization, consider outsourcing your processes to a reliable provider of Artificial Intelligence-based solutions.

Unlike traditional scanning, where errors and delays can result from variations in size, location of data and formats of the documents, an effective A.I algorithm will simulate how a person would naturally isolate the characters and metadata on a billing form. This technology is applied to each image in order to drop the form and enhance the print before it is processed through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. Among the advantages:

  • AI augments manual, repeatable tasks, increasing your employees’ ability to process more work and focus more on your company’s core competencies.
  • Decisions can be automated, improving the speed and accuracy of the data capture process.
  • Time spent on rescans and/or manual document identification and processing is reduced, leading to increased efficiency and reduced expenses for your organization.
  • The capture rate can be increased by more than 40 percent versus the use of OCR alone.
  • The entire reporting process is streamlined, extracting information automatically and allowing for a more thorough analysis of the resulting data.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of using an effective A.I.-based solution for your organization’s document processing needs is that such technology is effective regardless of image type, DPI or print placement.