Data Dimensions

If the COVID-19 pandemic has proven anything, it’s that cash flow management is critical for organizations to survive. Automate Remittance Processing payments and remittances in a timely manner can become an overwhelming burden that leads to a much longer cycle time with higher costs.

Though much of the country is working remotely, remittance processing remains a crucial task that more often than not still requires manual, onsite resources. But having employees go to an actual location to physically touch thousands of pieces of mail, open envelopes, and process those payments, presents a number of risks. To survive existing challenges and meet future challenges post-pandemic with preparedness, it is imperative for organizations to make an investment in the digitization and automation of their remittance processing.

Data Dimensions offers intelligent remittance processing with Dimensions360 Remittance, a workflow-driven solution that allows organizations to digitize and automate the payment and remittance process. Dimensions360 Remittance frees billers from manually processing mailed-in payments, making trips to the bank or maintaining multiple banking relationships. Also, by depositing payments electronically via Check21, funds are available sooner than with manual processing.

Dimension360 Remittance adds value to your process with:

  • Processing of business and personal checks, plus all types of remittance transactions
  • Automatic capture of all required data fields
  • Real-time tracking of documents and actions
  • An archive that securely stores transaction images and related data, with instant retrieval based on key criteria

Regardless of what type of biller you are – insurer, utility, government agency, nonprofit, etc. — Dimensions360 Remittance can transform your entire process. Contact Data Dimensions today for a no-obligation consultation.