Data Dimensions

Automate Remittance Processing

If your organization is searching for a way to automate its remittance, Data Dimensions has the answer. Our Remittance Processing, driven by Dimensions 360, enables billers to digitize and process the checks and remittance documents they receive by mail at their facilities, then electronically transmit deposits through Check 21 to any financial institution they choose.

The streamlined process that results means that your organization no longer has to deal with the costs and complexities of manually processing mailed-in payments, including making time-wasting trips to the bank, maintaining multiple banking relationships for various office locations, or making your customers wait while you search for the necessary payment information.

And that’s not all. Among the other benefits of Data Dimensions’ Remittance Processing solution:

  • The option for on-premise deployment or cloud-based delivery
  • Automatic capture of all required data fields
  • Real-time tracking of documents and actions

Dimensions 360 Remittance is the perfect solution for insurers, utility providers, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations that deal with billing. The solution includes such labor-saving features as optical character recognition (OCR) for reading data from remittance stubs and an archive that securely stores your transaction images and related data – and allows the instant retrieval of that information. What’s more, by depositing electronically payments via Check 21, those funds are available at least one day sooner compared to manual processing.