Data Dimensions

Document Conversion Services to U.S. Department

Of all that Data Dimensions does in the fields of information management and business process automation, we’re proudest of the help and assistance we provide to our nation’s veterans.

Since 2012, Data Dimensions has provided document conversion services for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, converting veterans’ paper records and claim forms into electronic files. This accelerates the process of veterans’ disability claims, getting them the assistance they need more quickly and efficiently.

“The work we perform every day at Data Dimensions supports the VA’s efforts to significantly reduce its disability claims backlog and streamline the process of getting our veterans the help they need,” Data Dimensions President and CEO Jon Boumstein said. “Data Dimensions is dedicated to its mission to assist our veterans, and this is a responsibility our team members take great pride in.”

Data Dimensions employs many veterans as part of its workforce, and we continually encourage veterans to apply for open positions at the company.  We support several veterans organizations located near our facilities through donation drives and fundraising efforts, many of which are organized directly by Data Dimensions employees.

Our nation’s veterans have sacrificed a great deal to safeguard our freedoms and protect our country. Here at Data Dimensions, we’re thankful that we can repay their efforts in some way by helping to ensure they receive the benefits they’ve earned.

This Veteran’s Day, and every day, we salute those that have served our country.