In an article on Linked In, speech processing specialist Doron Mansur listed several benefits of utilizing digital voice recording in the business, medical and insurance fields, including dictating notes, letters and agreements for later transcription; updating patient records and creating reports; keeping detailed notes from meetings with insurance clients to comply with ever-changing industry regulations and recording meetings and conferences of all types for use at a later date.

But the key to making those recordings useful to an organization is ensuring that they’re part of a broader workflow, one that guarantees they’ll be accessible to be referenced when needed. What’s vital, in other words, isn’t the recordings themselves – it’s how they can be stored, accessed and utilized as part of the overall workflow. For that reason, companies would be wise to outsource their digital voice recording storage needs to a reliable provider experienced in business workflows. Among the advantages of such a solution:

  • Secure online access to quality digital MP3 records, with none of the deterioration that comes with aging audio tapes and other outdated recording technologies
  • No lost time or costly delays caused by the need to send outdated tapes out to be transcribed
  • The ability to have the storage application available via the cloud or as a licensed application installed behind the company’s secure firewall
  • Streamlined implementation, with guaranteed compliance to SSAE-16 and HIPAA standards
  • The benefits of the latest technology without the need for costly purchases of hardware or software

With the right digital recording solution that integrates with an intelligent workflow, a company can benefit from client-driven administrative functionality that is designed to support its specific internal processes and reporting needs. The benefits of recording listed above mean little if a company can’t securely store or access those records. A provider that makes those recordings part of an integrated workflow will insure that’s not an issue.