Data Dimensions

Provider Engagement Portal

If your organization is looking for a way to reduce the time and resources devoted to maintaining expensive and complex call centers, Data Dimensions’ Provider Engagement Portal is the solution.

The Provider Portal (powered by Availity) connects providers with every health plan in the United States, including more than 1 million active providers, 2,700 hospitals and 675 vendor partners. The portal also offers:

  • Notifications, in-app messaging and alerts that improve communication with providers and plans
  • Excellent provider data management, resulting in the most accurate provider information
  • Operational savings as a result of reduced rework associated with pended, denied or contested claims
  • Claim payment savings that come from avoiding over-payments caused by duplicate claims, duplicate lines or overstated levels of care
  • Customized payer spaces for branded, plan-specific content
  • Transactions streamlined to multiple payers from a single login
  • A substantial reduction in the need for paper-based claims (when partnered with Data Dimensions’ Medical Bills Processing and Medical Claims Processing)

By utilizing Data Dimensions’ Provider Engagement Portal, your organization can conduct eligibility and benefits inquiries, real-time authorizations and referrals, claim status inquiries and more. The result? Reduced expenses, improved accuracy and increased security.