Medical Bill Processing

Experienced staff. Leading-edge technology. Cost Savings.

Data Dimensions’ medical bill processing provides a reliable front-end solution for conversion of your paper documents to electronic format for EDI delivery to your systems. Using cutting-edge equipment and software, we optimize your process to provide the finest quality data and images, driving your auto-adjudication rates and significantly reducing administrative costs and reimbursement turnaround times.

Data Dimensions combines your eligibility and provider databases into our capture and validation processes along with standard CPT validations. We are able to incorporate edits into our processes specific to your medical bill system to enhance your import of the data. We customize the system to meet your specific challenges and unique needs.

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Featured Services

Flexibility to design our services to fit your needs

Expedited bill processing, allowing for greater profitability

Audit tails for real-time reviews and complete process transparency

Secure online access for exception management, giving you sharp images/X-rays and bills

HIPPA compliance and protection