Data Dimensions

When it comes to storage of your important hard copy files, the two most important factors are security and access. When you outsource the storage of your files, you need assurance that they’ll be safe – protected from threats both man-made and natural – but you also need to know that you can get to them (and the information within) when you need to. Data Dimensions offers both elements with its hard copy management solution. Our service provides:

  • Tracking, indexing, and retrieval of your hard copy records and/or images, at the box, file, or document level
  • Scan-on-demand, giving you flexible options for accessing your records digitally. Upon your request, your document is pulled, prepped, scanned, formatted and transmitted to you, and returned to storage, ensuring document access by authorized personnel only
  • Reporting options, allowing you the ability to reduce your time in making business decisions, with inventory reporting and retention schedules reporting
  • Guaranteed, secure transportation by highly trained personnel of your vital records
  • Long-term solutions, offering archiving capabilities of your vital records prior to optional destruction
  • Destruction services, with options including secure pulp-mastication and certification of shredded materials

On the security front, your documents are stored in a 24-hour monitored building built of concrete and steel. The building is equipped with smoke and heat sensors as well as motion detectors and a sprinkler system. Our building’s walls have a seven-hour burn-through rating and the nearest fire station is just one mile away and is manned 24 hours a day.

If you’re struggling with the burden of storing and accessing your organization’s documents, let Data Dimensions put its decades of experience and dedication to technology at work for you.