Data Dimensions

Document Imaging Provider

If your organization is tired of dealing with the costs and complexities of managing paper documents, the solution is to convert those documents into electronic forms, allowing you to lower expenses and reduce processing time. But how do you choose the best provider for your document imaging needs?

The document imaging provider your organization selects should offer the following benefits:

  • The expedited acquisition of documents/images 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • The ability to import documents from virtually any application
  • Automated capture and indexing of critical data
  • Audit trails for review at any time, ensuring transparency
  • The flexibility to customize the system to fit your organization’s needs
  • Improved process control through standardized working methods, with single and batch imports

With the ability to view relevant documents concurrently with core application screens, processing times and costs are reduced, increasing efficiency and productivity, while enhancing control of business-critical information.

With the right document imaging solution in place, your organization will be able to import documents, images, emails, and faxes from virtually any application for automatic capture and indexing of your critical data. You’ll also be able to enjoy control and tracking of actions, allowing you to easily comply with government regulations and internal/industry security standards.