Data Dimensions

Documents Into Electronic Images

Converting your organization’s paper documents and files to electronic forms is more than a matter of simple convenience – it could be the key to your company’s survival in a competitive marketplace. The average time spent per day looking for paper documents and files can be as much as 51 minutes. The time it takes to search for and retrieve an electronic document? As little as 15 seconds. 

Data Dimensions document imaging converts paper documents into clear digital images, providing systems and authorized users with real-time access to those images and date, anytime and from anywhere. This enables users to import documents, images, emails and faxes from virtually any application for automatic capture and indexing of data. It also provides control and tracking of actions, meaning your company can more easily comply with state, federal and industry regulations and standards.

Among the benefits of Data Dimensions’ imaging services:

  • Expedited acquisition of documents/images 24/7
  • Control over your organization’s knowledge and intellectual property
  • Improved efficiency as a result of automating processes and removing time-consuming manual steps
  • Flexibility to customize the system to fit your organization’s needs
  • Improved collaboration, communication and more efficient use of internal resources as a result of imaging
  • Reduced document storage space and filing costs because physical documents are in electronic form

If you’d like to reduce costs, streamline processes, increase efficiency and improve compliance at your organization, contact Data Dimensions to see how our Documents Into Electronic Images could change the way you do business.