Data Dimensions

Panoptic – End-to-end Med Bills Platform

Data Dimensions’ has just introduced PANOPTIC (SM), the first truly complete Med Bills Platform, end-to-end processing platform for the auto casualty and workers’ compensation industries. Unlike many other platforms, PANOPTIC is completely agnostic, integrating with any bill review company. That alone makes it a versatile asset to insurers.

But PANOPTIC offers much more. Features such as provider credentialing, fraud and abuse detection, bill screening, filtering and routing ensure that PANOPTIC is a comprehensive cost-containment tool that can also identify and help to prevent provider network leakage.

PANOPTIC also helps insurers to meet Insurance Diversity Initiative (IDI) goals, pay providers and non-providers electronically, and provide actionable data through analytics and reporting. Artificial Intelligence is applied throughout PANOPTIC for maximum accuracy and efficiency, and its proprietary tracking and monitoring component gives visibility at every stage of the process.

If you’ve been searching for a single processing platform that handles everything from bill receipt to electronic payment — as well as everything in between — Data Dimensions’ PANOPTIC is the solution for you. Get more information on our web page at this link.

Or, if you’re attending the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo in Las Vegas this week, stop by the Data Dimensions booth and learn about PANOPTIC directly from our automation experts!