The COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on most aspects of the medical industry — including prescription processing.

There’s considerable uncertainty on the production side (as this article states, about 90 percent of all active pharmaceutical ingredients, or APIs, are made outside the United States, often in China or India). And once the drugs are produced, distribution to patients has become more complicated, given that pharmacies are dealing with increased demand, additional strains on employees and alternate methods of delivery, including mail order – which brings up new issues of security and compliance.

If your company is struggling with the complexities and costs of prescription processing – whether COVID-related or not – there is a solution: Have an experienced provider handle your prescription processing.

With a process that combines leading-edge technology and proven outsourced services, you can improve operational efficiency and increase resource utilization – even in these difficult times. You can be assured of:

  • Compliance with HIPAA and state regulations
  • Relief of routing duties
  • Remote processing that includes full auditing and reporting
  • Redundancy for complete disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Use of Six Sigma methodologies to ensure errors are eliminated
  • Safeguards to ensure confidentiality of patient information

What’s more, by outsourcing your prescription processing, you can free your own employees to focus on clinical functions, patient care and other core competencies, during the COVID-19 pandemic — and beyond.