Data Dimensions

The complexities of prescription processing – including the difficulties of dealing with turnaround times, compliance with HIPAA and state mandates, and ever-shifting volume levels – can be a formidable obstacle for any organization. What’s needed is a way to automate prescription processes by putting them in the hands of a reliable, experienced provider with the technology to get the job done.

Data Dimensions’ Prescription Processing services utilize a combination of rigorous quality assurance procedures and Six Sigma methodologies to ensure that medication errors are eliminated. What’s more, Data Dimensions’ outsourced pharmacy services help pharmacists fulfill their critical role while increasing the level of patient care.

Among the advantages of relying on Data Dimensions’ prescription services:

  • An efficient, highly flexible solution
  • Compliance with HIPAA and state mandates
  • Six Sigma® methodologies
  • Streamlined processing
  • Relief of routing duties
  • Remote processing with full auditing and reporting
  • Redundancy for complete disaster recovery and business continuity

By using Data Dimensions to automate your prescription processing needs, you can streamline your workflow, reduce your expenses and, most importantly, free your staff to focus on their core competencies, namely, dispensing pharmaceuticals, providing patient care, and handling clinical functions, rather than spending time on clerical tasks.

By choosing to automate your company’s prescription processing, you can improve operational efficiency and increase resource utilization. What’s more, outsourcing your pharmacy services can allow your company’s pharmacists to focus on core competencies and fulfill their critical role while increasing patient care – thus, improving job satisfaction.

Our uniquely integrated automation solutions provide organizations flexibility and modularization; creating a purpose-built, bi-lateral network that can be implemented today while easily adjusting to future-state direction and growth. Our intelligent tech-enabled service solutions keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly.