Data Dimensions

Accurate, timely bill processing, while vital to your company’s success, can also be a drain on your company’s resources and holds the potential for costly errors. So, what’s the solution?

DD eBill (powered by Availity) allows payers to deliver timely notifications regarding actionable errors or gaps that could trigger a claim error. What’s more, DD eBill reduces the time it takes to process claims by eliminating incomplete bills, missing attachments, and duplicate bill submissions while providing improved data input accuracy and clarity around claim errors.

What does this mean for your company? It means a reduction in administrative costs throughout the billing process, from bill submission to payment. It also means a positive impact on such areas as exception handling, call center support, and Federal/State reporting.

Here are some of the other benefits your organization will experience through DD eBill :

  • An intuitive interface and seamless integration of more than 600 practice management systems
  • Seamless connection from day one with more than 900,000 providers with daily experience submitting and/or receiving payments electronically
  • Timely notification of rules-based feedback to proactively identify and correct errors, reducing bill-processing time

But the most positive change you’ll experience from DD eBill is an improved customer experience as a result of an end-to-end process that enhances the timeliness and accuracy of managing medical encounters.